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Yearning for my current state.

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writer 공권유술창업 date15-02-27 21:31 count2,394 comment0


Yearning for my current state.

Written by : GKYS Grand Master Jun Kang.
Translation by : Danville GKYS studio master young M. Kim

At the age of 12, I started to study martial arts. By late 20's although at a young age, I started the path of master. One day, I looked into a mirror and realized my youth had disappeared and there was a half century old man.

If somehow, there is a way to turn myself into a young 20 year old that has unlimited amount of determination, would I do so?

The answer is " NO ! "

This present moment, I am at the peak of my life and currently moving forward with GKYS.

From 20 years from now, I might be yearning for my current state.

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