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International GKYS Association is planning to establish GKYS Headquart…

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International Gongkwon Yusul Association Announcement

Gongkwon Yusul is a new type of Martial Art with distinguished programs for kids, teenagers, and adults.
Current GKYS system is blowing the wind of change in effects of activating martial school and training programs.

GKYS is a Korea’s Traditional Actual Martial Art and is becoming very popular and is spreading quickly around the world, known as “Korean style Jujitsu or Korean style MMA”.

The reason GKYS is spreading quickly in Korea and around the world is that it has set the image of “Korean Martial Art GKYS” with the slogan as the tradition of wearing a proper uniform and training, etiquette, following the Martial Art culture, self-control, solicitude, and kindness
Many of Martial Artists from Korea and around the world still value the manners of wearing the uniform when training Martial Arts.

This has become possible because the constituting principle following GKYS’s excellent system of technology is accurate and creates harmony with the new generation’s sentiment.

GKYS has its position as the Martial Art with most members as a Korean Traditional Martial Art that is changing current Martial Art’s spectrum in Korea.

International GKYS Association is planning to establish GKYS Headquarters in every state in America.

Thus is the reason why International GKYS Association is recruiting GKYS State Representatives.

The condition is that one has to take the courses necessary for gaining GKYS 1 dan or more and has to have a school to train instructors.

*Every State Headquarter Directors may have the qualification to train instructors and establish schools, the right to have open seminars or periodical seminar, to educate referee, the right to request black belt 1st dan, and the right to sponsor a competition. Also, the right to establish State Headquarters by World Yeomtasul Federation will be given with the right to teach Yeomtasul online.

Apart from those mentioned, International GKYS Association will grant the every right for the State Directors to establish and to prosper in the states they are responsible for.

Moreover, for every state’s Headquarters to run effectively, International GKYS Association will provide financial aids. Your concern and care will be highly appreciated.

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International GKYS Association email:

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