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I will be waiting on the other side of river when you swim across.

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I will be waiting on the other side of river when you swim across.

by Grand Master Jun Kang

It's been great 10 days of GKYS training with Master Chang Wook Yu and his wife Siju from Gang-so Castle, China. Master Yu normally visit korea HQ and train at least once a year. Currently he is running GKYS club in China, he may not fully understand how to spread GKYS in China. His wife Siju seems understand more than he does. This is how to spread GKYS effectively in China.

1. You have to FULLY understand the Gongkwon Yusul

You have to memorize by heart the birth, philosophy, mannerism, and even ideology of Gongkwon Yusul. They are provided on our website and also in Gongkwon Yusul Manuals.
For example, you have to know and understand the meaning of "Ho-Shin" (it means protect yourself, or self defense). You have to be able to write it in Korean and Chinese characters. In our official uniform, we have a patch with "Gongkwon Yusul" written in Korean and Chinese Characters. In order to be able to teach it to others, one has to know it himself.

2. Study the composition of Gongkwon Yusul

Usually, masters who want to become Gongkwon Yusul Instructors are focused on techniques only, which might not be the best way to become a GKYS Instructor. If you have a right mind set as a leader, you have to study and understand not only the actual techniques but the composition of GKYS and the system itself.

3. Find out what is needed from Gongkwon Yusul Schools

Gongkwon Yusul Clubs derive happiness from teaching the students how to live as a right human being. This concept is hard to understand unlike the physical techniques which you can see just like an arm bar. It is possible to run GKYS schools even with only few students. It's almost like one GKYS student equals 3 other martial arts students. The most significant value of GKYS is right and unique relationship between Master and students - As special as a relationship between parent and child. This is the unique culture of GKYS which other Martial Arts do not have.

4. Train and master the core techniques of Gongkwon Yusul

To be able to master GKYS techniques, it is necessary to participate in GKYS seminars or train in the actual GKYS school. If you want to become a good GKYS instructor, you have to learn not only the actual techniques but how to teach others correctly and effectively. One of the most important factors is to learn how to teach one technique to someone in 10 or 20 variations. In GKYS, when students learn each technique one by one, they show deep appreciation to their masters and in return masters show their appreciations to the students. It may look like teaching just physical techniques but we are teaching better relationships, appreciation, humility and much more. Your life will change if you apply same values at home or at work. This appreciation can only come when you humble yourself. This value will affect your life.

5. Open official GKYS school

First, you have to have main sign that says, "Gongkwon Yusul in Gangso Castle" in your Gongkwon Yusul school in China. To maintain the high value of GKYS, you have to establish at least one official GKYS headquaters in your area.

These days, everyone uses social network such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Im receiving tons of emails from all over the world with a lot of school owners or representatives from other martial arts asking me for GKYS degrees. Some even ask me to put them in charge of their region or country.

Some of them introduce themselves as representative of some association claiming 5th degree on this, 4th degree on that, another 4th degree on something else... and teaching all of that in their school. And they also believe that they deserve to have GKYS title as well. Don't they see how disrespectful it is to the founder of GKYS when they ask to have GKYS as one of the many other classes in their school? And they believe I will give them some type of authority to run GKYS in their school as an additional program.

If I were them, I would rather ask how to learn GKYS properly first before asking anything else. And I would train myself strictly first and build a good relationship with the Master. Then I would open a GKYS school and run it to the best of my ability. And when I believe that I have earned the trust and respect first, I will probably ask the Master for something more. Don't you agree that this is the right order?

6. You have to have professional website that indicates the location of GKYS school in your area, Gangso Castle.

Even if you have small school, you should have one of the best websites in your area. As we all know website is the face of your school.

7. The very first relationship in GKYS starts from Instructor seminar or training.

If someone conducting GKYS training or there is an instructor who wants to open GKYS school, you have to help him/her to fully understand and perform techniques professionally and know how to teach and deliver values correctly.

Then eventually, they will go back to their school and teach and deliver same lessons and values to their students. GKYS in China will spread rapidly.

It takes long time to even think about assigning someone in charge in GKYS in other country. Most of masters dont have a business mind just because they are living busy day to day life in their schools class to class. Bon Boo Jang(Director) or Ji Boo Jang(Regional Manager) are GKYS title positions which do not require good athleticism or good physical condition.

If you want to cross the river, you should not worry if the water is cold or warm or how deep and how far you have to go. If crossing the river is what you have to do then you have to do it. When you cross the river, I will greet and welcome you with a warm blanket and hot tea.

I will always wait for you on the other side. Just come across.

translation: Joon Tae Kim

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