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Gongkwon Yusul Instructor's Dream

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Gongkwon Yusul Instructor's Dream

Written By : GKYS Grand Master Jun Kang

Translation By : Danville GKYS Studio Master Young M. Kim

Info : Korean culture has a title for everyone to show their respect to one another. Just like calling someone Mr. or Mrs., Koreans address others by saying teacher instead of Mr. or Mrs. For example by calling someone teacher Johnson instead of Mr. Johnson, it is consider more respectful way of addressing someone. And there are many more.

A business man named Teacher Park is 37 years old. I use "Teacher" to address most of my students. Anyways, a few years ago he was a musician that played drums and guitar. Recently, he opened his own business and he tells me he is doing great. He obtained his yellow belt a month ago in GKYS and he has also trained in Muy Thai and Kick Boxing based martial arts before GKYS.

My first impression of him was " Charismatic". The way he trains with heart, the way he trains with others, he was respectful to all regardless of age or rank. I do not know exactly what he does for living. I believe no matter what he does, he will be successful.

A few days ago, I received a phone call from him. He wanted to come and visit. It was during early afternoon and because we don't have any afternoon classes, it grabbed my attention. I replied, "yes, come have coffee with me."

When he arrived I offered him a refreshment. With hesitation, he started to say "I have trained in many different martial arts but nothing was more enjoyable and interesting than GKYS.

I know I am not near, but I want to train to the fullest to become a GKYS instructor. What do I need to do become an official GKYS instructor sir?"

When he asked me this question, I was very happy as a GKYS master. I was very grateful to have a person that is as charismatic and respectful as him who wants to become a GKYS instructor. The reason behind this is because to the students, a GKYS instructor position is very highly respected.

I replied, "Teacher Park, I welcome your wish to become a GKYS instructor. No matter how great of skills you have, if you do not qualify as an official GKYS instructor, I do not approve of such a person opening a GKYS studio. Plus in reality, in our studio there are only two people that have the ability to open and have a successful GKYS studio. First is instructor Dong-Ha Kim and second is assistant instructor Ji-woong Park. Regardless of skills or body size, they both have something very special. They both have amazing abilities to teach. One of their great abilities is how respectful they are to all. On top of that, they are also calm and modest. These are the most important things you must have to become an instructor or a master in any martial art. Still, there aren't many that have it. Most people think that having a great skill is most important part of being an instructor or a master. In truth, skill is a very small part to have as an instructor or a master. If these two open GKYS studios, I am sure they will be successful. Just as how you would treat your teacher, you must understand to how to treat others with respect."

Teacher Park nods his head up and down and replies, "the main reason I wanted to become an official GKYS instructor is because of the way assistant instructor Ji-Woong Park tries his fullest to become an official GKYS instructor. It was very impressive and heart felt."

Motivation is given from your fellow students of all ranks and not only from your teacher. I believe a few motivated students can lead the positive and motivating studios.

Although almost 40, knowing his great personality, Teacher Park will always have the support of myself and all GKYS families to become an amazing GKYS instructor.

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