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Gongkwon Yusul and adventure games.

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Gongkwon Yusul and adventure games.

Written by : GKYS Grand Master Jun Kang.

A lot of people have asked me what kind of techniques does GKYS have. I tell them " Gongkwon Yusul is put together by only using effective parts of each martial arts."

This question I also get it from masters that have started martial arts at a young age.

Sadly, most people do not ask how and what kind of programs does GKYS have and use. For that reason, I never get a chance to explain them.

Why are they only interested in techniques? Why don't they ask about GKYS' program?
one, maybe they are trying compare GKYS to other martial arts in order to find a disadvantages instead of an advantages of GKYS. Also most of martial arts in the world shares similar types of programs and systems. Because of this, they might not feel the need for the question.

Today in short term, I will explain GKYS' program and principle.

In GKYS, we value the feelings of achievement and happiness that comes from students when they start to understand each steps. This is more important than making them go through repetitions of techniques. From the beginning of GKYS, this was the main point and GKYS' program is based on this. GKYS is absolutely different from existing traditional martial arts. It is a martial art of a new genre.

I can not give a full definition of GKYS' program in a word but, GKYS is like an adventure games that most people enjoy.

The reasons of people enjoying and sometimes being addicted to the games are because of the way games are set up. When you solve a problem, it gives you a harder problem. Every problem you solve, you feel more and more blissful. Because of this feeling, people fall into addiction of the games. Most of the adventure games, in order to solve them you are required to understand logical development. You have to read and use reasoning for these games.

GKYS uses these types of programs to attract practitioners. In order to understand GKYS, you must train in GKYS' program to understand. While we train and solve the problems that are given to us, we search for the techniques that fits us individually. there for, GKYS' training is different everyday.

For example,
GKYS has 15 different offensive and defensive techniques using arms and legs. These are basics. comparing it to a game, it is like an items that you must have. Using number three(one, two and high kick), we have our students try it in many different ways. During a movement, looking in a mirror, changing sides and hitting a target and etc.

Instructors teach many different ways of training. Instructors trains students in variety of different situations. This gives amazing amounts different methods of training. At this point, instructor gives students a problem to solve. After learning number three, what can you do? This is when students searches for an techniques that suits them best individually. They can choose to throw into submission or keep up with striking techniques.

When you complete a puzzle, we discuss the benefits of the techniques, modify and sometimes even delete. When you find a puzzle that you like, you make a personal "BON"(your own personal sparring form) and train until it becomes natural. After, find an another one.

First, all students go through a basic training to obtain basic form in your body. We call this "BON" Using basic BON, students searches for his or her own style.

"Shimoo BON number one( Tackle into full mount into arm lock), although a technique you can learn as beginner, we use many different situations to teach it.

Students must understand and know the derived technique that comes after tackle and know what to do if it goes different way. This you must go through proper GKYS program to understand but, people only look at the last technique the arm lock. there for, it is impossible to understand.

When the masters that wants to become GKYS Instructor asks a questions like, "How long does it take to learn all GKYS' techniques sir?" This is because they do not understand the GKYS program.

In order for students to enjoy and understand the principle of GKYS, 90% of it comes from instructors. Instructor is a person that uses given GKYS program to teaches and gives advices on pros and cons.

If a person plays a game in front of a computer all day, their life might be affected in a negative way but, when you are addicted to Gongkwon Yusul, it will greatly increase vitality and heath in our lives.

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