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Gongkwon Yusul, martial art that requires constant learning.

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Gongkwon Yusul, martial art that requires constant learning.

Written by : Gongkwon Yusul GM Jun Kang
Translation by: Danville Gongkwon Yusul studio Master Young M. Kim

Recently I have been receiving a lot of phone calls about GKYS. Some days it does not allow me to do anything else. Most of the questions were where is a GKYS studio in their area. 99% of the time I answer back " I'm sorry. Curren...tly GKYS studio is not in your area."

They reply, " I saw a GKYS logo on one of the studio in my area. Isn't it GKYS studio if it has a logo?"

" Just because they have our logo, It does not make them GKYS studio" I reply back politely.

It seems a lot of studios are running with GKYS logo on their sign. it must be someone who trained in GKYS long time ago, someone who attended GKYS Instructor seminar long time ago or it could be a studio that has nothing to do with GKYS.

To me, a real GKYS studio has one particular important rule. It doesn't matter what martial art school it is or if it is a small club or group. As long as they practice GKYS in GKYS approved uniform and a instructor that is part of GKYS program. If not, it can not be called a GKYS studio. Just having GKYS logo does not make a GKYS studio.

GKYS has a two very important characteristics.

ONE, all GKYS practitioners must earn recognition from their instructors regardless of your rank.

GKYS is a martial art that requires learning from master rather you have instructor title or not. If you can not earn the recognitions, what is the point? Title becomes nothing more than just a paper.

Certificates can only reach it's potential if it holds true meaning.

For example, after spending weeks on a new mitt combo, I taught it to my students. After few months later and a lot of research, I improved the combo. people say it became more scientific and fun. All Ranks of GKYS students loves and impressed with new technique. Now, what about the all the GKYS instructors that did not learn these new technique?

They are probably using out dated techniques. What if a instructor learns a new techniques from a student? This will destroy the instructor and student relationship. GKYS is a martial art that requires a teacher.

Without having someone to teach you, GKYS is a martial art that is amazingly hard to learn without a teacher. From beginning of GKYS, this was very clear. Still, some instructors and students do not understand.

In GKYS, BON is a guide line to understand GKYS. We do not use BON to Train. We instructors use this element to better understand GKYS. This, all instructors must know or will loose respect as a instructor.

Meaning of a SA-BUM(instructor) is When your teacher and students can benefit from yourself.

TWO, GKYS is a martial art that requires endless learning because it constantly improves. If a 10th year student misses one year, that student will become confused because of improvements. If you don't follow the regulations, GKYS' teachings will fade.

This is Gongkwon Yusul.
Even if you have a small interest in GKYS, if you research or train few days a week, you can tell the difference in GKYS. GKYS is not a martial art that requires repetitive forms of training like other martial art.

Instructors must guide students so that can understand the principle on their own so that students can obtain abilities to create new techniques. GKYS is like a flow of spring water, it keeps on moving.

Obviously, GKYS is the only martial art that has this particular programs of training. there for all instructors must study endlessly. If not, it is impossible to learn GKYS. Rather if you are a 1st degree or 5th degree, you must learn as your title endlessly. If not, you will not have the abilities to teach anyone.

" GKYS is a martial art that requires constant learning."

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